"O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness"

“O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness”
(Psalm 96:9).

Two weeks ago we had worship without music or instruments it was such an anointed season as for an hour the children of God spoke of God’s goodness and how he is utilizing them in ministry. The Lord gave me a word on the “Beauty of Holiness of the Heart through Surrender”. We Christians have got so good of using religious jargon to justify our disobedience by qualifying it with the endorsement of being led of the Spirit in stead of saying that which is truly in our heart “I’m running and want my way”, “A half hearted Lover” God has a problem with “half-hearted lovers,” People who claim to love Him, but have “other loves” that they really love more than God. How it must break God’s heart to see us pursuing other loves: gambling, pornography, drugs, money, sexual sin, power, greed; or a life that mostly revolves around “self.” Recently I was talking to a man who had been very committed and active in a local Church for a number of years when there was division. He was extremely hurt and I could completely understand his heart with lost trust in relationships. I shared with him that his hurt was blocking him from experiencing the presence of God and only through the cross could he let that hurt go and let Christ heal him.

Someone who pursues these “other loves” cheats themselves of an encounter with the awesome power of God’s love. God’s love is experienced when you genuinely surrender your life to Christ, and put your complete trust in Him.

If you surrender your heart to Christ, you will discover a love that is pure, constant, and unfailing. If you’ve been hurt by someone who has pursued “other loves,” you can receive the healing love of Christ, which is a better love than any other kind of love in this world. Because this love of God is so pure and so precious, it cannot take “second place” to any other love.

It is through surrendering to the cross of Christ and dying to self that we learn to love others again through the resurrection life of Christ. It is through this love we demonstrate how to walk out the one another’s of the bible in the local church and that Christ would be glorified in all the earth. Abandon the half hearted love that “self” produces. Let us embrace the cross of Christ and live the “Beauty of Holiness of Heart”.