Amazing Grace

It never fails, about the time I have God somewhat figured out he does something so marvelous it astounds me. This week I did a funeral for a dear lady who was like a mother to me and her kids are the best of friends. But as far as I know this family never attended Church of any kind or had any instruction of any Church denomination. But she came down with a lung disease and before her passing asked for me to help her prepare her for the transition. What astounded me was she had no doubt of God’s love for her nor of Christ’s redemptive power to save her as she and her husband made a confession of faith in Christ. But did have reservation of the Church and its conduct. With in a few days she passed and I marveled how sometimes its not how we start the race of life, but how we finish such as the thief on the cross (Lk. 23:42-43). How much God the Father loved her and waited for her to turn to Him for help now she has the security of the eternal love of God.

But the next thing that came to mind was that she personally asked for me to minister to her in this time. I have always said that sometimes I stand at a loss how our savior would have used somebody like me to proclaim His love and grace to humanity. It seems to me that after 29 years of ministry my community is looking to me more and more for answers, reassurance and leadership in spiritual matters. I don’t say this in any bragging fashion but only to make an statement of God’s amazing grace and to encourage someone starting out that God can and will utilize everything about your life as a proclamation of His redemptive power.

The other thing was simply this if we make ourselves available to His Grace, God will place opportunities for you to be an instrument to the nations, tribes and tongues of humanity. Its the most overwhelming experience to have a part in someones salvation and the thought that someone will spend eternity in God’s love and not in Hell is a emotional rush.